Take back full control. Seriously.

Path gives you the tools to gain full control back of your dealership without getting screwed in the process

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Take back control of your inventory

No one gave permission for aggregators to list your inventory. Path gives you back full control over how and where your vehicles are sold.

You are losing money every day and we're damn near sick of it

Large aggregators charge you to sell your own inventory. Who gave them permission in the first place, anyway?

Take back control of your profits

Path gives you the controls over your profits so you can stop overpaying others to list your inventory

Take back control of your profits

Path doesn't want to tell you how to run your business, but we will give you the tools to customize it however you want

Take back control of your people

The perception of dealers have been controlled by everyone except the dealer themselves. Path gives you back control of your people's perception

Take control back today

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